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10 Jaw Dropping Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disaster Then And Now


Aside from the unsatisfying result that Lil Kim got from her plastic surgery, she can also be exposed to numerous dangers. Too much plastic surgery can cause nerve damage, scars, hematoma, infection, seroma, necrosis and blood clots. Also, if the operation fails there is a possibility that the patient will die. Obsession with plastic surgery can also deter a person’s mental health. Indeed, people like Lil Kim who want to have plastic surgery must know first if they want to take the risk in order to have a more beautiful appearance so that they will not regret the aftermath that the procedures will leave.

Tori Amos Photos Unfortunately, subsequent to experiencing all the surgical procedures Tori’s appearance is not any more normal. The main reason that appears to be sensible for pronouncing the plastic surgery of Tori Amos as unsuccessful is her unnatural appearance. Normal looks has vanished from her face leaving her face emotionless and plastic. In the event that you look at her late pictures you will certainly see the awful plastic surgery results.

Peter Burns plastic surgery has now become a hot topic of discussion among his legion of fans plus a number of celebrity watchers in different forums. After his death on 23 October 2016 after a tragic cardiac arrest, the question that people ask is: Did his death had anything to to with his plastic surgery?

Not only is she a famous actress, Daryl Hannah is also famous for being on the list of plastic surgery gone wrongDaryl started to age with wrinkles and loose skin – like we all do. She tried to fix this with plastic surgery. She decided to have plastic surgery to look younger and it only made the problem worse.

Not only is she a famous actress, Daryl Hannah is also famous for being on the list of plastic surgery gone wrong. Daryl started to age with wrinkles and loose skin – like we all do. She tried to fix this with plastic surgery. She decided to have plastic surgery to look younger and it

Many of the actors, as well as actresses, have spent a reasonable time in the office of plastic surgeons, just in order to look younger. But years after, when they stopped being under the knife, their face had many flaws.

Michael Jackson was definitely an pop icon and one of the best artist that eve lived. His music and dance moves were inspiring to a millions of people. On the other side, his love for plastic surgery was something that no one could ever understand. Was his skin a problem? If you ask his fans, i’am sure that 99% would tell you that he was great just the way hi was. No surgery was needed. Well, i guess the reasons will remain known to him only…

Too many plastic surgeries are always bad for health and beauty and again it has been proved by the worse facial situation of Melanie Griffith. She looks far worse now after her too many plastic surgeries than before the plastic surgeriesMelanie Griffith always considered that she is not pretty and beautiful enough. A speech of her before long time has revealed this fact and so, she went under the knife several times to get the prefect face and figure. But, ironically she didn’t get what she expected from the plastic surgeries. In her case, plastic surgery has only destroyed her real beauty and we can put her in plastic surgery disaster category!.

The plastic surgery is no doubt a marvelous footmarks of science and its inventions. It can totally change you and give you different look as in the case of Anjelica Huston. She has entirely changed her looks after having her facial surgery, indeed, she is unrecognizable. She appeared on the television show “Smash” after her face surgery and was tottaly weird. We only knew Anjelica Huston with round visible cheeks, deep and curled eyes, and definitely her smile that has ruled the cinema and TV screen for more than three decades.

I can’t say that he looks ugly but for someone that had so specific face and hear, it could of been expected that plastic surgery can go terribly wrong. He now looks a little bit scary I could say. My question is – what made him go for plastic surgery? Was it some kind of insecurity? Or he wanted to look beautiful? I don’t think it was to hide age because he started using it at very young age.

I think he will not stop there. The lack of self esteem and fear of getting old will have as result going under the knife some more. Well, we will report on that when it breaks the news 🙂

Many say that Barry Manilow’s plastic surgery was a fail and made him look weird but it is simple to say that for a guy of his age, he really looks a lot younger.

Although he looks young, his cheeks look puffy and unnatural. Due to regular injections of Botox for a long time, the forehead becomes paralyzed and face cannot show his expressions and emotions as it did before.

As we all know about her success in her life we also know some of the up’s and down’s of her life. We all know that she did some surgeries to some of her body parts like noselips, breast ect. She did so to enhance her beauty but some raise questions on her. Did she had to do it? Is she pretty now?

She did some surgeries like nose jobliposuctionbreast augmentation, upper eyelid. After these surgeries she look much more pretty.
The surgery she did for lips is called as lip augmentation.
Lip augmentation

Her representative once claimed that Faye Dunaway’s looks could be attributed to her eating and lifestyle habits. She claimed that the actress took good care of her health and was keen on what she ate. While this is true for Faye Dunaway has previously been seen with portable weights at functions weighing her food to work out their calories; the age cannot be ignored. Faye Dunaway at more than 70 years with some graying hair and smooth, firm skin invokes questions among fans and experts. This is why we think that the possibility of plastic surgery is highly likely.


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