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10 Surprising Facts About Kim Kardashian That You’ve Probably Never Heard


Kim Kardashian is an enigma wrapped inside of a preppy and consumable package. Kim and the rest of the Kardashian clan have been famous for so long that it is easy to forget why they got there to begin with. Today we are going to be talking about Kim, the unquestioned and most famous of the bunch. While Kim may get a ton of flak for being an unrepentant socialite, she is actually a very interesting person. Today we’re going to look at 14 fascinating facts about this Hollywood superstar!

Kim can rack up quite the fee for sponsored tweets.

The most consistent ‘insult’ lobbed at Kim and the rest of her family is that they are ‘famous for being famous’. Though the Kardashian name may be a ticket to fame, Kim surely knows how to work with it to maximize her own brand value. One of the most impressive ways that Kim has turned her name into a real money earner is by offering sponsored tweets. For just $10,000, or about a fifth of a cheap mortgage, Kim will mention your product to her nearly countless followers.

Kim is fascinated with history.

When you are a rich socialite you get paid to see the world. The majority of Kim’s recent life has been broadcast on television thanks to Keeping up With the Kardashians and we’ve watched as Kim has traveled the world. Apparently Kim loves history but she doesn’t really understand it saying that she doesn’t know much about the different royal families and such that she comes across in her travels. Kim says that if she were to go back to school she would definitely pay more attention in college. Still, we don’t anticipate Kim going back to school for anything.

Kim and Paris Hilton attended school together.

Paris Hilton is another socialite that has found fame for being famous, much to the annoyance of people all over the world. Still, Paris and Kim didn’t fall far from the same tree and they definitely are better friends for it. Kim and Paris both went to preschool together and they have stayed fast friends throughout their respective careers. Paris and Kim have even crossed over and appeared on one another’s television shows. Can you imagine the online auto insurance quotes their families had to shop for on their Sweet 16?

Kim received amazing advice from her late father.

The Kardashian family name goes back to the late Robert Kardashian. Though Robert was a divisive figure thanks to his defense of O.J. Simpson, he was nothing but a focused father when it came to his children. Robert had written to Kim saying that she needed to really ‘understand her self worth’ in order to avoid being used for her body by men out there. He also warned Kim that she would be targeted for engaging in interracial relationships and that she would need to be strong to get through it. Robert Kardashian passed away from cancer in 2003.

Kim loves fashion and collects vintage magazines.

When you’ve been in front of the camera for the majority of your adult life, and not because you are a stock investment pro, you tend to get better at showing up on camera. Kim apparently is in love with collecting vintage magazines: Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar to be specific. You can definitely see that Kim studies the classic beauties that filled up those magazine pages in order to come up with her own blended style.

Kim fell in love with Kanye in Paris.

Kanye is a divisive individual thanks to his penchant for talking just a little too much about himself. Still, it’s hard not to be happy for Kim and Kanye, or Kimye, as their family grows and expands right before our eyes. So when Kim and Kanye decided to get kick off their marriage festivities they had to do it in the most romantic place possible: Paris. Kim and Kanye fell in love in Paris and conceived North in Florence — where they would go on to have the actual wedding. If you were attending either of these events you probably had a baller car and a car insurance quote to make the fiscally responsible among us blush.

Kim originally wanted to be a teacher.

What do you want to be when you grow up? What does a child who is born rich want to be when they grow up? For Kim, her first obsession was with becoming a teacher later on in life. Perhaps this ties back into her love of history, but in any case it is safe to say that Kim won’t be needing the job any time soon.

Kim is essentially straight edge.

How many famous rich kids have kept their fame by being totally unrepentant partiers? It seems like every trust fund kid spends most of his or her time away from the actual options trading market that their family mastered, instead focusing on drinking and partying. Kim, as it turns out, is essentially straight edge. Kim says that she does not do any drugs and that she rarely ever drinks except for the occasional couple of shots in Las Vegas. Now with a growing family we doubt that Kim has the time of day to even think about partying.

Kim was an accomplished stylist before her fame.

Believe it or not, Kim wasn’t always just a reality TV star. The Kardashian family superstar originally ran her own business supplying high end clothing and stylist work to famous celebrities. Kardashian’s two most high profile clients were Lindsay Lohan and Brandy. Kim successful helped both Brandy and Lohan to establish incredible looks, at least for a short period of time.

Kim is the most successful reality TV star of all time.

Reality TV is rather fresh in the grand scheme of things but that didn’t stop Kim from mastering it. Kim has turned her fame into one of the most successful reality TV runs of all time. According to career earnings there is no other person who has been more successful than Kim.


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