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15 Chilling Photos Taken Just Moments Before Tragedy Struck


The wonderful thing about photographs is the same thing that can make them the most eerie: they preserve a moment in time forever. If it’s a happy moment, a photo is fantastic. Sometimes though, the moment captured is harrowing – either for what’s happening… or even worse, what’s about to happen.

Check out these chilling photos below!

My last family photo, I’m the cute one in the middle.

meet my loving grandfather – he died in august 2017 and this was the last image taken with him months prior, I miss him everyday.

A bullfighter moments before being killed by a bull.

Spanish bullfighter Victor Barrio, 29, was killed on live television when he was gored by a bull named Lorenzo during a bullfight.

Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon took this selfie while on a hike in Panama from which they never returned.

The two Dutch tourists were visiting Panama and were supposed to go on a hike in the jungle with a tour guide, but for some reason, the girls decided to go by themselves a day early. They never returned from the hike. A backpack containing their clothes, a passport, their cell phones, and a camera was recovered several weeks after they disappeared.

The camera contained 90 disturbing shots taken in the middle of the night, most of them were just black, but among the photos there was one of the girls’ belongings spread out on a rock, a strange piece of fabric or paper hung from a tree, and a photo of one of the back of one of the girls’ head with what appeared to be blood.

Even more disturbing, the girls’ cell phones showed that they tried to call emergency services for 11 days before their cell phones ran out of batteries. Some of their bones were eventually discovered in the jungle, but nobody knows what happened to the girls or how they died.

This is the last picture of a young man who killed his father, then tragically turned the gun on himself.

TV was such a silly guy. We played Football together, and he was a core part of the squad.
After football practice on Fridays, the squad would get together and head to Pleasure Island. While the rest of us were trying to pick up chicks, he was playing incredible pranks, and just being a mischievous bastard.
It always amazed me how he could cross the line so many times, and never face trouble.

He always appeared joyful and would be the last person I would suspect to take his own life.

It’s been years, but I still randomly think of that tricky son of bitch; photo bombing people, pulling the pants of roided up guys, and leading gay guys on for the kicks.

Russian freerunner Pavel Kashin attempting a backflip on top of a 16-story building. He landed successfully, but lost his balance and fell to his death.

Steve Irwin was a much loved TV personality with an obvious passion for dangerous animals that live on earth. He often was seen filming near crocodiles or other deadly species in the Outback. Sadly, he passed away when a Stingray stung him over 100 times – from which he had little chance of recovery. He had a daughter who succeeded him and manages his zoo to this day in his memory. Click next for more tragic photos.

One Of The Last Known Photos Of Titanic Afloat. It Sank On 15 April 1912 After Colliding With An Iceberg. There Were An Estimated 2,224 Passengers And Crew Aboard – More Than 1,500 Didn’t Survive

They never even saw it coming.

Life can hit you fast and hard and that’s exactly what these people learned. You could be living your everyday life in utter monotony but then suddenly, the unexpected happens and messes it all up. Thankfully, everyone has a camera these days and the internet’s there to back it up. Check out these 50 heart-pounding images snapped moments before disaster strikes.

This lady was definitely freaked out by the fact that her husband was holding a sting ray to her back. No, nothing happened to her, but her reaction has made her famous. Her priceless expression has sparked the creation of many memes. With the recent passing of Steve Irwin, I’m sure she was extra sensitive, since we all learned how powerful the sting of those rays actually is.

An octopus can leave a person paralyzed and unable to breathe and swallow if it perceives a threat. For this couple, faking paralysis seemed to disarm the little guy and he was able to be extricated without any harm befalling the man. Next time you’re walking down the boardwalk of your favorite beach, watch out for this 8-legged beauty.

Camels can be aggressive with one another and don’t usually display violent behavior towards humans. They even enjoy sniffing humans and will sometimes play with their hair. In this case though, it looks like one camel was beyond frustrated and took his anger out on a pretty innocent tourist.

Here’s what probably happened in this photo: The young woman was probably keeping her composure, knowing that her stomach was upset. When everyone started shifting places to squeeze in for this photo, it was just too much. Amateurs, take note—if you feel like you might get sick, head to a bathroom, stat. Better safe than sorry!


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