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27 Awkwardly Funny Family Photos Weird, Wacky, & Wonderful


And you thought your family was strange! Not as weird as these families as this collection of bad family photos prove! These funny pics go a long way to making me feel about my strange upbringing. I really thought my family was the worst. But because of these crazy pics prove, my kin was rather lovable after all!

Nobody can out tricks Grandma & Grandpa when it comes to a Bigflip.

Someone, please tell Sandy the kitchen counter ain’t no place to air it out.

A boy who knows what he wants and how to get it.

Nothing like a romantic Jamaican Getaway, even if you are drowning a Jamaican.

Suddenly, the Rubio Sisters felt a whole lot fresher.

Put yer eye on more funny wedding pictures. These wedding day disasters are some of the worst of the bad wedding photography there is! There’s just somethin’ awkward pics will make ya vow never to get married or certainly not do it again! Or at least hide the cameras from the wedding photographers and family member and friends!

Somethin’ tells me she’s likin’ that adjustment!

“Dammit, Rodney! Did you lose the ring again????”

Looks likes somebody couldn’t wait…

Damn, nobody ever told her the ceremony was gonna take a whole twenty minutes!

Everybody knew that one day Cletus would make a beautiful bride.

Never fails… Every time I try to snap a nice photo…  There comes my Mother creeping up in the background.

I smell love!

Happy Easter, Grandma

Stella & Jean…. Always a sucker for a Tall Boy.

Grandma hangin’ loose… Real LOOSE!

Why you never let my sister drink after midnight.

My neighbor Franklin, once again picking up hitchhikers in Walmart.

Though they were the only fraternal siamese twins in existence, my parents still forced Tucker & Tammy to live under an overpass.

Sure wish my cousin Janice would quit butt dialing me….

Practice makes perfect.


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