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Holly Madison Reveals Dark Secrets About Living In The Playboy Mansion


1. Holly’s only confidantes in the entire mansion were Hefner’s longtime secretary, Mary O’Connor, and Bridget Marquardt, one of Hef’s other girlfriends. Madison revealed that although she trusted them, she was limited to what she could talk to them about. Holly has said that that, “choosing to move into the mansion is such a bold choice, and to admit that you’re depressed is really admitting that you made a really dumb decision. And I wasn’t ready to do that.

2. When Holly revealed to her friends that she was moving into the mansion they responded with, “Ew, gross, you hooked up with an old dude?”

3. When asked about her sex life in the mansion Holly said that, “It was always Wednesdays and Fridays after the club.” She continues by saying “It was always the same because that’s how Hef lived his life.” She also admits that in order to live in the mansion, sex was mandatory.

4. There was a certain schedule in which all the girls lived their life since Hefner was so obsessed with routine. The schedule consisted of:

-Fun In The Sun Sundays- A pool party and screening a new release at the mansion movie theater

-Manly-Night Mondays-Hef’s friends came over for dinner and cards

-Family-Night Tuesdays- Hef’s ex-wife and sons came over

-Club-Night Wednesdays-Clubbing and the coming home for Hef’s sexual ritual with the girlfriends

-Off-Night Thursdays-No planned activities

-Club-Night Fridays-Repeat of Wednesday’s activities

-Movie-Night Saturdays- A buffet dinner and a screening of an old movie in the mansion theatre

5. On nights there were no scheduled activities, there was a 9ppm curfer for the girlfriends. Holly mentions that when she witnessed two girls come home 30 minutes late, Hefner fake cried and then threateded to kick them out of the house.

6. The girlfriends were given a $1,000 weekly “clothing allowance” and were only allowed to use the house account at Jose Eber Salon in Beverly Hills. Saving this allowance or using it for student loans was discouraged.


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